Your house, as real as it virtually gets.

Do you see the video above? This is neither pre-rendered graphics, nor a concept video: These are live, real-time, interactive visualizations, right at the fingertips of your customers.

Our Services

At AkkViz, we take your 2D architectural plans and transform them into photorealistic, real-time and interactive 3D visualizations.

With our software, you seat your clients at an office computer and let them instantly and intuitively explore their future house in a matter of clicks; walk through the building like in a game, view it from a-far, analyze layers with a simple slider, giving the most accurate spatial impression on the market.

Below is a video showcasing the software's UI and functionality:

Software Screenshots

Our Website is Under Construction

At the moment, we are building the whole framework and work on a virtual A.I. speech-assistant (training powered by NVIDIA™ GPUs). We are currently looking for talented individuals to join our team. Check out our job description for more details.